the things you can do with watercolor :)

watercolor swatches

watercolor swatches 2
watercolor is soo fun :) :)


fashion is art and you are the canvas

fashion is art
dug out some of my past college assignments and thought i’d share with you :)
my major was fashion design and marketing and having worked for more than 18 years in the industry which i left 2 years ago to pursue art full time was the biggest life changing move i’ve made so far. not an ounce of regret though i do miss the perks of having to sit and watch live runway shows in NYC and HK :)

even then in 1994 i preferred using ink, charcoal and watercolor as my choice of medium for my illustrations ! :)

padi field

padi field
a typical malaysian away from the cities’ scene… paid fields! yes they are usually very green but growing up surrounded by so much greenery, i prefer to see them in these colours :)

padi field: line and wash painting
acrylic and watercolor
30 x 40 cm