fishing at sunset

fishing at sunset
dawn and dusk…
i noticed during dawn more blue and yellow hues plays together where as i see hints of reds and oranges more during dusk… so i put the two together as a challenge to paint today.. i think i nailed this piece more than the dawn fishing piece.. i overused the yellow and blue hues and it ended up looking too green… but this one… i loveeee :)
am also pretty pleased with the soft skies’ result… my technique is getting softer which was hard for me in the beginning to achieve… so… yay yay yay :)

39 x 40 cm aquarelle

fishing at dawn

fishing at dawn
a practice piece on light and dark fore-layers with small details on the man fishing.
with watercolors, i have no preference of choice of colours, i don’t wash my palette much and i would just pick up whatever color there’s left. sometimes i get amazed with results of color mix i never thought would work together!

30 x 40 cm aquarelle

the dock

the dock
sometimes being alone brings out the best in me. i am quite happy with the result of this piece as i managed to capture blur hazy background using lots of water during the first few layers of painting process :)

aquarelle on 31 x 40cm medium weight paper

lonely one

lonely one
no.. am not feeling lonely, found this image from a website and thought.. wow.. i’d love to paint this.
more layers and finishing touches today… but i wanted to share how it looks bare… am a huge fan of unfinished work :)
and.. kudos to the photographer who took this photo! <3

here’s the completed version… i personally prefer the “lesser” version as always but… being a painter is not always easy, i have to put up with comments from others on how my works have an unfinished feel to it… so i thought ok, let’s add in more light and dark tonal values and see how this turns up. i’d be grateful if you can share your thoughts on this :)

a swedish lakeside

swedish lakeside1
having lived in sweden in my early adult years, i was more than excited when a friend sent me a few shots from her professional swedish photographer friend… reminded me of a country so beautiful there are some places that is still visually imprinted in my soul :)

title: swedish lakeside
29 x 41 cm aquarelle

the things i did yesterday…

the lake_AAA_1
I’m easily impressed with the simplest landscapes, i can imagine immediately what colours i saw in them. needless to say, less is sometimes more :)
title: the lake
watercolor on 41x 29 cm paper

and what can be as simple as a swamp… they’re most muddy and the fauna made of green and browns, yet i like to imagine them with slight touch of colours bursting here and there.. and a dull swamp is transformed into something magical :)
title: the swamp (series vol.3)
watercolor on 29 x 22 cm paper