paint the town with lipstick!

Lipstick town
you know the feeling of frustration when clients ask for the “almost impossible” tasks?
well, i have been dwelling on this cosmetic project because i couldn’t’ find a way to make lipstick stay put on canvas or watercolor paper. also, with the color choices given to me for use really got my head cracking open for ideas. finally, i bought some cheap ass white semi-hard drawing paper to test, and a can of colorless pastel fixative. fingers crossed, i tested a small area pressing hard the lipsticks creating cube shapes and sprayed the fixative immediately after… andguess what, the lipsticks stayed put when dried out! after 2 weeks of headache, it finally bloody worked! 

quickly got a piece out using cubes and squares created a line of city-scape.. and i kinda like it! simple, clean and with texture. now, more headache on what to create with such minimal tools to work on >_<


mystical swamp

mystical swamp
and the craze of using masking fluid goes on… :) 
as usual no idea what would come out but what i had in mind were bamboo trees, it’s fun to see a piece form into a picture using just one object. 

title: mystical swamp
medium: watercolor
material: 39 x 54 cm aquarelle paper