welcome autumn


lipstick art: used only fingers to complete this piece, dabbing, rubbing, blending… the lot. fingers are sore at the moment. as you can see, the branches are not as intricate as i wanted it to be and that’s because the lipsticks i used are very soft and moist so i can’t shape or sharpen it to create thinner lines. so there it is, shapeless tree trunks! plus i had very little color palette to work with.. anyway, more to come!

red terrains

lipstick mountain_midsize
resuming back to lipstick art project.. i did what i know best, water and mountain landscapes. the canvas is heavily textured with outlines of the mountain and the sky using gesso and acrylic white paint. then i layered the lipstick colors on top and this is the result. for the birds, i used kohl eye liner to make them stand out from the red and brown hues. and now, 5 more pieces to go… damn, innovative ideas are the hardest thing to achieve for this project! ;(

abstract flora and fauna


woohoo, finished the series of four! :D
these were inspired by brush movements and acrylic gold paint. i truly had no idea what i was gonna work on, but i really enjoy creating spontaneously, not having a thought about what object to paint. i rather let the brush strokes lead me on. in fact most paintings are done this way, with BLANK in mind :)

they are pretty small in size but i like them so much (mainly because each piece is glazed with shiny bits of gold here and there) i am gonna hang them up in my art workspace soon :) :)



been a little bit lazy this weekend, the sun is no longer scorching, two days of tropical rain brings in cool temperature. i love the rain, the pitter-patter sounds it makes, calming :) so instead i took time to catch up with some friends, movies, family and squeezed in between this two small pieces of abstract acrylic painting. two more empty canvases to fill up with the same theme, i love using gold paint so far :)

gypsy land (salt discovery)

eeky salt

i knew of the salt and watercolor technique for quite a while now, somehow or rather i haven’t gotten around to try it. well, what have i been missing out…? *top piece is my first trial, just blotches of paint colors lined with masking fluid, then splattered salt randomly. to be honest, I was pretty eked out with the textures created, they look a bit like monster skin or some parts of our brain heh. but i ventured on, creating one of my usual landscape scenes and blotched it up with salt to create cracked dry land. the texture didn’t turn out as well as the first piece, but it’s because i waited too long and the water was already drying up, hence unable to achieve the broken-effect. oh well, practice makes perfect so i will push on. next one will be a larger piece for sure :)

orbital dreams

orb trees
i never thought i‘d see the day when i would come up with this sort of art. i simply wasn’t the dreamy type… at all! but here’s solid proof that WE do change, for better or worse. i guess i am just sick of being too realistic, just gets so damn depressing at times don’t you think?

oddly so, i haven’t been able to remember any of my dreams for the past 2 years, so i figured why not paint them? :)