mystical swamp

mystical swamp
and the craze of using masking fluid goes on… :) 
as usual no idea what would come out but what i had in mind were bamboo trees, it’s fun to see a piece form into a picture using just one object. 

title: mystical swamp
medium: watercolor
material: 39 x 54 cm aquarelle paper

wax trees

lipstick trees 2

impressionism landscape for gallery art project: trees against water and sunset landscape. the tree leaves were painted using 3 different shades of lipstick. I needed a darker shade of lipstick to create depth, but guess this will have to do for now. 

expression of elixir

i‘ve been asked to create a small gallery for a cosmetic brand launch this coming october, using lipsticks provided by the company. the brand is known for its high-end stem cell products. no idea how lipstick will react on canvas and on top of acrylic, here’s the result of the first trial of an abstract piece. 
*note: the lipstick is not staying put on the canvas, gotta find a top coat fixer to keep it intact!

size: 42 x 59 cm canvas
*mixed media


concrete flowers

concrete flowers 1.1
title: concrete flowers
medium: acrylic on 42 x 59 cm canvas

sometimes i see a small plant or tree bursting out from a crack on concrete floors or walls, 
i would stare at it with utmost admiration, i remain in awe with nature’s strength and will to live, to survive.” 

this painting is inspired by a single word; “berserk” in a conversation today. the background strokes remind me when i see contractors working on raw concrete flooring, their expert smooth twirling of metal spades, creating smooth surfaces. i used to imagine i‘d do it the opposite way, i‘d go berserk with the spade, creating raw, strong strokes, with unlimited spontaneity. the flowers were added after as i saw a new small tiny sprout of a plant growing at my home concrete entrance today.