my chinese name for my first tattoo


i am of chinese descendant, but sadly, my name is just about all i know how to write. i have been constantly practicing it so i won’t forget, and yet i can manage to get the last character (pei) wrong a lot :) in mandarin, it is pronounced “lee sherh pei“, my mom told me it means poetry of mountains. as i grew older, i started appreciating my name more and more, so i‘m thinking of having it tattooed on my arm or at the back of my neck, nape area. actually, yes.. i am so gonna tattoo it soon, with my handwriting :)


artworks in cafe gallery




and there is art in many other forms…
recently a good friend opened a cafe, and i was asked to write their menu board.
because they like my handwriting.. while it was my honor doing it for them,
my handwriting is naturally very cursive, i think the poor customers will have to squint to read hehe
oh, and my sharpie drawn tea mugs are also displayed against the white raw wall :)

grinder cafe

above is grinder cafe (
where my artworks are being displayed and sold.
who says raw contemporary and impressionistic landscapes don’t mix? :)
a wonderful clash i say! xoxo

today: kid’s art class project

I used cheap runny tempera and qouache to create this sample piece,
amazing what sponge effect can create… This was done in less than 10 minutes!
Preparing for today’s kid’s art class: their challenge today is to create abstract pieces using sponges! Looking forward to their results! 
P/S: sometimes I forget they are just 3-6 years old hahaha!