-depicted by fancies of cave living.
-surrealistic painting using acrylic on 45 x 60 cm canvas

not really my style but i don’t know.. maybe been watching too many surrealistic movies and got inspired ;)

Lipstick Art Exhibition

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This time I had a good reason of being away for more than a week. Last Wednesday, I had my very first art exhibition with Menard Japan Lipstick. It was tiring, exciting, exuberating and nerve-racking! Not a fan of having my photos taken, here’s one with buddy Sue-Lynn who came and support alongside with a few other friends and family.


All landscape pieces were painted using lipstick and celebrity portraits done with charcoal, graphite pencil and lipstick. Artist Profile handwritten using calligraphy dip pen, photo prints in black and white. I am very happy the press/media and most importantly the client was happy with the results! :)

Now time to get on with my personal art projects, been too long since my last journal entry!

red desert

red desert

was very sick yesterday.. again. this year it’s been a non stop episode of flu infection. frustrated that nothing was done (except art class teaching), i slept early and woke early to work on this piece. armed with super red lipsticks, i decided to create a blazing piece with minimal subjects. i used gold acrylic to create sunset skyline. this is a pretty small piece but heck, i like it anyway :)

relentless skies at farmland


can’t seem to get enough of relentless skies; here i imagine a farmland at the horizon of dried-up land, without crops while the skies express fury. this is a flat lipstick art, i used 300gms watercolor paper for minimal texture at the base, finger dabbing and thin brush for the farmhouses. days like these are good for me, never ending inspiration flowing through. or perhaps i do work better under pressure ;)

i see japan

Lipstick trees

the largest piece yet done for my lipstick art exhibition: A1 size at 84 x 60cm. i am quite liking this piece as it relates to the country of origin of the skincare brand, menard that i am participating in. never been to japan, this is again from imagination although i did take a sneak peek at how the trees look like from the internet.